Ethan Emery - Crossfit


Age: 24 Back Squat: 205kg
Weight: 93kg Deadlift:260kg
Height: 172cm Bench: 160kg
Occupation: No one knows Clean & Jerk:155kg
Diet: Everything Snatch:120kg





Ethan is a quintessential Push Apparel strength athlete - humble, likeable, lean and very, very strong. His stats speak for themselves and with a solid year of training under his belt we are eagerly awaiting to see what the future holds for this beast. Training multiple times a day out of his home town gym in country NSW, he is the epitome of our brand and message - Make Your Own Luck. 

Ethan's favourite Push Apparel products are the Phenom Hybrid 2.0.

You can follow Ethan on Instagram @ethanmarkemery