About Us


Push Apparel has a vision to create sportswear that fits well and is designed for sport, and looks good. We realise that each person has a different body type and that we’re not all generic beings. We’re also bored of sportswear that thinks colour, sparkles and big brash slogans are key to sporting success. So here at Push Apparel we design gym wear for those bodies that squat, bench, stretch, run and suffer; sportswear made for those who take their sport seriously.



Push Apparel had its start in Rockhampton, a town on Australia’s sunny east coast. Founder and Director, Tim Hosking, having spent years in the body building world, repeatedly tore the arse out of his gym shorts, or burst the seams of his business shirts, or chaffed because the garment didn’t fit right. Tim decided to fix these problems by designing his own sportswear, and so was born Push Apparel. Tim’s first design were “The Original” a short that grew so popular Push Apparel branched into singlets, shirts and a hybrid short designed for cross fitters. With an ever-increasing demand for Push Apparel, Tim plans to build the company’s range, designing clothing for anyone who demands affordable, tough, and good-looking gym wear. Tim also enjoys doing custom apparel orders for gyms, businesses and events.



Push Apparel is designed by a lifter for lifters. If you’re a Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Crossfitter or lifter of any kind, if you’re a regular at the gym, or if you just like to look good in sportswear, then Push Apparel has clothes to suit. We understand that strength trainers and cross fitters require a particular fit while also needing to survive those long hours at the gym. As a result, Push chooses its material and its manufacturers carefully to ensure that our gym wear lasts and performs when you need it. Push Apparel also prides itself at keeping prices reasonable, so anyone at any age can afford dependable and good looking gym wear. It's our personal mission to make you feel confident about yourself and your sport.